Imágenes y Palabras que habitan la Ciudad
Book Launching and Exhibition Opening

Five young Chileans living in China worked on a book compiling their artistic works and urban interventions. The book entitled "Imágenes y Palabras que habitan la Ciudad" presents a sample of works with different techniques under the framework of sharing experiences and visions of their daily interactions in the cities they have lived. The work dialogues between the roads that the authors transit daily and the symbolic and idiosyncratic elements of the city, resulting in the creation of bridges that bring together two remote cultures such as the Chilean and the Chinese.

The book includes a sample of poetry and images, just as ancient Oriental artists Chan (Zen in Japanese) used to combine their writings (haiku / haikai renga) with images (haiga) in the quest to accurately portray The astonishment and emotions towards the nature and the daily life.


During two weeks part of the works presented in the book where exhibit at Centro Cultural Cervantes, Shanghai.