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Edmundo Bustos
Cultural Attache, Embassy of Chile in the P.R.C

"I met AL a little time after I arrived as a Cultural Attache at the Embassy of Chile in China.

She was organizing a  Perrosky concert and a Margarita Dittborn's art exhibition in Shanghai 

I made contact with her and from the first meeting I knew that we would be partners in cultural management in China.
So it has been ever since. Much of the activities that have developed in that city have been thanks to AL support.

A successful screening of documentaries by Patricio Guzman, lectures and presentations of Alejandro Zambra, contemporary dance with Escena al Borde or illustration exhibitions in the distant city of Dunhuang in Gansu Province, had been stamped with their brand, commitment and dedication.

Working with AL has been a great experience of learning, warmth and friendship. Only infinite thanks for them."

Jingjing Li
Co-Founder of Oriental Danology Institue
Secretary in General, World Water Summit Committee

"As an independent think tank focused on creative water conservancy solutions, Oriental Danology Institute once partnered with AL, during which they served as Cultural Liaison for Chile Consulate general in Shanghai.


We are impressed by their profound understanding of bilateral cultural exchanges, media impact strategies and transcultural communication; all these good qualities have again been accentuated by Antonieta superb interpersonal skills and nice temperament.


Besides this successful international event, we have also cooperated with AL on several other transcultural events in promoting exchanges between China and South American countries; AL is absolutely instrumental in all these endeavors.


We strongly recommend them as  apartner and campaigner, both for cultural issues, and entrepreneurial occasions."

Isabel Molina
Director and Co-Founder of Grafito Publishing House
and Plop Illustration Gallery

"We have collaborated with AL on two occasions: organising the Chile booth at the Children's Book Fair in Shanghai in 2015 and the management of the exhibition Atravesar el Pacífico: Chilean illustration in China, which travelled in several cities in this country . On both occasions, we work efficiently and quickly, with very good results.


We hope to continue working with Antonieta, who is strengthening the presence of Chilean artists in this distant territory that otherwise could not be known there."

Rodrigo Arcos
Former Consul General of Chile in Shanghai



I met Antonieta some weeks after our arrival to Shanghai in 2014, I knew about her deep interest in performing arts and her ideas about cultural events. Sometime later, I asked her if she had some time to help me to move forward some cultural projects to promote Chile in Shanghai, I was amazed by her enthusiasm and the rich network she had established inside Shanghainese cultural world.


Now, sometime later I can see how she has expanded her work. We started to collaborate with a bilingual exhibition of Gabriela Mistral, a Chilean Cultural Week and a children book fair, later she added cinema, painting, dance, performing arts, music, etc.


I am very grateful and I feel lucky to have encountered such a wonderful and helpful Chilean in Shanghai, with a tremendous passion and interest to show Chilean and Latin American Culture to the Chinese audience.

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