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Crossing the Pacific, Chilean Illustration in China


Before the images came the words. Poets and writers like Pablo Neruda, Efraín Barquero, Francisco Coloane and Armando Uribe wrote to China. Today is the turn of the illustrations, with the exhibit Cross the Pacific: Chilean Illustration in China, an exhibition that shows the dynamic scene this discipline is having in our country.


Different colors, techniques, themes and characters make this exhibition, where a group of illustrators shows their craft and career. These images are from worldwide known stories such as Little Red Riding Hood, to characters and animals that are part of the culture and wildlife Chile, in a mixture confirms the countless references that feature artists today.


We invite you to enjoy these works that come to you from across the Pacific Ocean. There are thousands of kilometers between Chile and China, but certainly the images, which unlike the words do not require translation, they manage to reduce distances.



Maria Isabel Molina




Exhibition Tour

-Beijing International Book Fair (August, Beijing)

-The 5th China-Eurasia ESeptemberember, Urumqi)

-One World, One Home, World Multiple-Culture Exhibition (October, Dunhuang)

-Crossing the Pacific, Chilean Illustration in Creater Space (November, Shanghai)


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