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Antonieta Landa


Antonieta Landa is a Chilean curator based in New York. She holds a postgraduate degree in art history and theory from Universidad Católica de Chile. Her undergraduate degree is in Fine Arts with a mention in Drama from Universidad Finis Terra. On 2007-12 Landa was part of the team of independents shows in Santiago Chile.


Since 2014  she is the director of ALWorks, an international organization with a presence in Shanghai, Santiago, and New York, that brings South American contemporary art abroad. Some of her recent exhibitions include artists as Benjamin Lira, Margarita Dittborn, Felipe Valdivia, Francisca Eluchans, among many others. 

A deep love for the art scene that is happening in Latin America motivated her to start AL Works in China, and now bring it to New York in an attempt to show that Hispanic culture is much more than salsa.

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