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Color Maze
Benjamin Lira
Himalayas Museum
June 2019

Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.
Paul Klee

AL Works, in collaboration with the Himalayas Museum and the Consulate of Chile in Shanghai, are pleased to announce Color Maze, a solo exhibition of world-renowned Chilean artist Benjamín Lira. Color Maze was showcased for the first time in China at the Himalayas Museum in Shanghai.

Curated by AL Works’ founder, Antonieta Landa, the exhibition ran between June 14 - 24, 2019 at the newly opened Shan-Shui exhibition space on the 1F of the Fujimoto’s white steel architecture installation outside the Museum. 

In Lira’s work “color and empty space, abstraction and nature, minimal form and infinitude, substance and fragility, plenitude and aggression” are perfectly balanced. He “is a sculptor of paintings and a painter of sculptures; the sum of presences and absences, of tradition and vanguard, of change and permanence” (A.M. Guasch).


Born in Santiago, Benjamín Lira grew up traveling extensively since a young age and developed his art in the flourishing New York City of the late 70s and 80s. Focusing on the expressive potential of the human figure and the immersive power of colors, his work encompasses both painting and drawing, collage, engraving and, lately, sculpture. Lira collects personal life experiences and emotions through color-collages chronicles. 

Presenting for the first time in China twenty-one original works, Color Maze exhibition welcomes the audience to lose theirselves in the labyrinth of colors, architectures and geometries that characterize the artist’s perception of the world.

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