Salon de Honor 
Pitzi Cárdenas

From Santiago, Chile Pítzi Cárdenas oil and watercolor paintings came to FlipPop Gallery, Shanghai under the management of AL Works.


Salon de Honor / Hall of Honor


Inevitably, the work of Pia ‘Pitzi’ Cárdenas is about friendship and human relationships, building her work from a framework of references, both real and imaginary, from different sources that then are unified into a collective.


Salón de honor (Hall of Honor) shows us a selection of images related to friends and close relationships of the author. Portraits, abstractions of faces and everyday situations are presented in her work always under the common factor of the inclusion of pink in various compositional ways.


According to the science of Alchemy, pink is the result of the red and white roses, where red represents precious blood and white heavenly wisdom. The result of this alliance creates pink, the fifth element that represents light. In Salón de Honor, Pia begins to elaborate this particular work based on the idea of a rose bush.


Cárdenas speaks from an intimate position, from the need to relate and through the action of growing a rose bush, where each one of its parts is a fundamental piece of sentimental value that her work is based on, whether it is memories, quotes, playlists, poetry references, love, and friendship, all these elements have touched her and are materialized in this work.

Salón de honor is essentially built from an affective framework, a series of directions that are touched inside an imaginary biography, these experiences are part of the author's own history, and individual experiences become a collective as if they are here all together to co-exist within her work.


Finally, we can not forget that we are dealing with a Hall of Honor, a space destined and created with the intent of standing the test of time, so all these relationships that Pia portrays are thought and established for eternity. The characters that make up this series of paintings are here as a desire to bring them into immortality through her artwork.