Zhang Garden Habitat

Zhang Garden Habitat, cultural encounter between China and Chile
In June, as part of the Second Summit on Water Resources, organized by the Oriental Danology Institute (ODI) in Shanghai, China, a series of activities and workshops was organized in Zhang Garden , a historic Shikumen (a typical Shanghainese architectural form of the 1900s).
ODI was looking for a children and community-oriented activities inspired in pre-Columbian Chile, for which they contact AL. That's how they begin to work together to make  Zhang Garden Habitat happen.
The main participants of this series of activities were Silvestre team, they combine education, food, music, visual and performing arts, teaching new ways of create awareness through transformation, recycling and creativity. The group, led by Antonia Lopez (visual and educator artist), also formed by Felipe Naranjo (actor, musician and educator) and Javier Alonso (chef and culinary researcher), was the heart of Zhang Garden: They did five art installations within the shikumen , and dictated workshops for children and the community for a week. Arcadia Hall, the house where they worked was filled with materials brought from Chile and music. Thanks to the support of the local press and the authorities of the Municipality of Jign'an, the flow of people was constant and everything was a success.
Another member of the Chilean delegation visiting Shanghai was Maria Huenuñir, Mapuche poet, who gave a talk about the significance of water for the Mapuche people and directed the opening ceremony of the Summit of Water Resources with two Tibetan monks. During her stay she shared with the Chinese community attended the event and with the Chilean community who visited the space.
Finally, Margarita Dittborn traveled to Shanghai to finish an investigation that had begun in Chile to give rise to a performative work specially created for this Summit. her work in this occasion talked about Chiloe, myths and water. Her participation, which was also the last activity of the Chilean delegation in Shanghai, culminated in a talk at the Long Museum.