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Dig a hole through the ground and you will find this
June 2018

Simultaneous exhibition happening in Santiago, Chile, and Shanghai, China.

Four China-based and four Chile-based illustrators from different backgrounds portray the day-to-day spaces of the cities they live in, creating a unique encounter between two cultures and realities that often ignore the everydayness in the other.

mujeres viendo piezas de arte
Zhang Garden Habitat
June 2016

As part of the Second Summit on Water Resources, (organized by the Oriental Danology Institute ODI) a series of activities and workshops was organized in Zhang Garden , a historic Shikumen (a typical Shanghainese architectural form of the 1900s).

Zhang Garden Habitat had children and community-oriented activities, art installations, live music and food sellers, all  inspired in pre-Columbian Latin America. 

singer and art gallery
Distance, Lights & Monsters
by Margarita Dittborn
August 2015

The art exhibition Distance, Lights and Monsters by the Chilean artist Margarita Dittborn was made with the support of Consulate General of Chile in Shanghai at Undef/ne gallery.

Lost & Found
Camila Pino Gay
October 2018

AL in collaboration with  The Urban Network Office brought the Camila Pino Gay solo exhibition Lost & Found. Delicate pieces of screen print on porcelain that evoques childhood memories with everyday stationary objetcts

Floating Landscapes
Francisca Eluchans
September 2018

Francisca Eluchans visited Shanghai with her installation Floating Landscapes: A Fragment of Chile's geography. The installation and 4 more pieces took Urbancross gallery for her first solo exhibition in China.

chinese in a book fair
Chile Booth
Shanghai International Children Book Fair 2015
and Beijing International Book Fair 2016

In this two book fairs, Chile participated with a booth, in both occasions we use a selection of children and illustration books by the major publishing houses from Chile.

band playing
art exhibition
Crossing the Pacific 
Chilean Illustration Exhibition
August- November 2016

AL together with Isabel Molina from Chile organized a Chilean Contemporary Illustration Exhibit that had place in several cities in China (Beijing, Urumqi, Dunhuang and Shanghai).

Some copies of this illustration were donated to children libraries in Beijing


Perrosky in Yuyintang
July 2015

With the support of the Consulate General of Chile in Shanghai, the Chilean music band Perrosky performed at Yuyingtang. This was part of Perrosky Asia Tour (China/Japan). 

Color Maze by Benjamin Lira
Himalayas Museum Shanghai
June 2019

AL Works, in collaboration with the Himalayas Museum and the Consulate of Chile in Shanghai, organize and curate Color Maze, a solo exhibition of world-renowned Chilean artist Benjamín Lira. 

Presenting Lira's work for the first time in China with twenty-one original pieces, Color Maze exhibition welcomed the audience to lose themselves in the labyrinth of colors, architectures, and geometries that characterize the artist’s perception of the world.

contemorary dance workshop
Escenalborde Contemporary Dance Company
Drama Valley Theather Festival
November 2016

AL together with the cultural office of the Embassy of Chile in Beijing in the frame of the Drama Valley Theather Festival organized 3 successful performances and a master class with the Chilean Contemporary Dance Company, Escenalborde

Imagenes y Palabras que Habitan la Ciudad
Book Launch and Exhibition opening
April 2017

AL coordinate the launching of the book "Imagenes y Palabras que habitan la Ciudad" wich was accompanied by and exhibition of paintings, photography and art installation.

Our Time on the Moon
Camila Pino Gay Solo exhibition
FLIP Gallery
May 2017

AL host and curate Camila Pino Gay first exhibition in China. "Our Time on the Moon" was a series of 7 screen prints made during 2016, these prints were inspired by how the space race and the first images of UFOs can change our sense of reallity. 

Dënver China Tour
August 2017

Dënver performed at The Pearl Theater during their China tour.
This tour was organized together with the cultural office of the Embassy of Chile in Beijing, Hanshing Agency, and ALWorks. The Chilean band performed in Chengdu, Beijing, and Shanghai.

SELF by David Rodriguez
October 2018

Charcoal portraits by David Rodriguez featuring David Rodriguez times 50+.

The first solo exhibition of this Colombian artist in Shanghai. 

At the TM Art Studio, West Bund.

The Sound of water by Felipe Valdivia
June 2019

Felipe Valdivia Infante is a self-taught artist who enjoys career success as a digital creative director. His artwork mixes embroidery, sewing machine collage drawing, watercolor and written word on canvasses made of found pieces of fabrics stitched together with yarn and wool threads creating landscapes, mixed with written words and images, inspired by his own imagination and everyday life. He showed for first time in China in June 2019 at Instituto Cervantes Shanghai.

Gabriela Mistral & Gonzalo Rojas Book Launch
August 2017

Saturday, August 26th, Chinese editions of an anthology of poems written by Gabriela Mistral and Gonzalo Rojas was launched at  MADHAUS cafe at the Jing’An Culture Center. This was the first official publication in Chinese of the works of these renowned Chilean poets.

AL with the support of The Consulate of Chile in Shanghai and the cultural office of The Embassy of Chile in Beijing organized this event which brought together Latino and Chinese communities together.

Maria P.Vila
May-Nov 2020

Habitar is a result of the virtual residence that Maria P. Vila does in AL Galeria during the pandemic of 2020 and under self-isolation in her apartment.


In this work, Maria gathers memories, experiences, and feelings of people she knows in form of audio messages and editing them together building a collective narrative, that is given to the audience in a series of audio capsules focusing on differents themes like time, motherhood, sexuality, among others.

Salon de Honor by Pitzi Cardenas
Sept 2017

From Santiago, Chile Pítzi Cárdenas oil and watercolor paintings came to FlipPop Gallery, Shanghai under the management of AL Works.

Female Identity in Chilean Cinema
Sept 2017

AL Works in collaboration with the Culture Office of the Chilean Embassy in China and the Shanghai Film Museum host a film cycle named “Female Identity in Chilean Cinema”, during September 26, 27 and 28, 2017.

Javiera Mena Live at The Pearl
Javiera Mena Asia Tour
October 2017

Javiera Mena is a Chilean electro-pop singer and producer that perform in Shanghai as part of her Asia tour. 

AL produce this show, plus media interviews and a photoshoot at Yongfoo Elite.


Maria P Vila

"Just give a bit more time to finish my letter" Basement 6


Zhujiajiao Water Town Music Festival

Sept-Oct 2017


July 2018


Maria P. Vila came to Shanghai to work in two installations, one piece was "Secreto" setup in two occasions (2017-2018) that she has been doing for 3 years in several cities around the world. 


And the other one was completely conceived in Shanghai as part of a residency in the art space Basement 6 where she also made a workshop.


Both projects were produced by AL Works.

Batalla de Gallos
October 2017

We gathered a group of Hispanic poets and musicians that performed in the first poetry slam in Spanish in Shanghai, at Daily Vinyl on Sunday, October 22 afternoon.

Sebastian Correa
#squatstudies at Xime
December 2018
Relaciones at Depot
May 2019

Sebastian Correa is a Chilean illustrator, photographer, and architect based in Shanghai. ALworks has organized two successful exhibitions of original illustrations and screen prints that portray everyday postcards of a disappearing old Shanghai. Correa is also the author of Chopsuey magazine illustrations and photographs.

Javiera Rolando x Shaving in the Dark
Moka Bros
November 2017

We team up Chilean illustrator, Javiera Rolando with the illustration collective based in Shanghai Shaving in the Dark to paint a glass mural at Moka Bros Shanghai

Latitud 31°13'
Casa O de Lastarria
Enero 2018

Three artists based in China and four Chilean artists are part of the pop up exhibition Latitud 31 ° 13 '
Although they apparently come from dissimilar cultures, these artists dialogue with each other through generational language.

Wine & Art Series
La Cava de Laoma
October 2017 - May 2018

We team up with the wine boutique La Cava de Laoma to bring a series of pop up art exhibitions.

Every two month we organize a new exhibit with local artists.

Motion by Elias Peña
April 2019

We team up with the pop-up gallery H27 to organize the art exhibition by Spanish painter Elías Peña, titled Motion. 
Elías Peña’s paintings are based off his observations of everyday life, moments of community and intimacy in public spaces: elderly men playing games by a curb, children rushing out of school, people waiting in traffic. 

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